Payments Accepted

  • Credit Card

All major credit cards are accepted. To pay by credit card customer must pay before delivery time (either during reservation or 72 hours before delivery). A fee will be charged based on total.

  • Check

All payments using  business and personal checks must be made before delivery.  All returned checks will be charged a $30 NSF fee.

  • Cash

Cash is accepted.

  • Paypal

We do accept paypal. A fee will be charged based on the total.

Delivery and Pickup

All  prices are for a 8 hour rental term. Earliest  deliveries start from 7am on the day of the event and can range to the  customers desired delivery time. Pickups can range up to a couple hours after  the desired pickup time. Latest pickup  time is at 8pm. If needed overnight  we will then pickup the following  morning between 8am - 12pm.


At this time, we do not charge a fee for cancellations, but we do ask for a 48 hour cancellation notice.


It is the customers responsibility to cancel due to weather forecasts. Once equipment is delivered, it is yours, but if bad weather does strike and the inflatable is not accessible we will work with you to ensure your money was not wasted. We do ask that if it rains, all electrical equipment be moved to a dry location. Greyson's Inflatables LLC reserves the right to cancel if forecast is predicting high winds.


It is the customers responsibility to insure inflatable is within 100 feet of an electrical outlet. If it is further you are responsible for providing an adequate generator to power the blower(s). We do offer generator rentals for a fee if needed.

Supervision Of Inflatables

Customer is responsible for supervising the equipment and the safety of all occupants while equipment is in your possession. There should be a responsible and mature adult supervising the equipment and occupants at all times. Safety of all occupants is the responsibility of the person supervising.  All units come with safety instructions (usually located on the front of  the unit), which need to be read and understood by any and all people  supervising and entering the unit. Participants inside the units SHOULD NOT AT ANYTIME be  allowed to do anything that is/are prohibited by the safety rules.  Disregard of the safety rules may result in physical injuries  and/or additional fees. Food, silly string, cigarettes, etc are not allowed in the unit at any time.